Cinedeck manufactures innovative recording systems for use in all video production environments. Along with on-set monitoring, playback and quality control capabilities, these recorders also unify end-to-end, camera-to-post-to-archive workflows by offering the industry’s most comprehensive range of ready-to-edit output formats. The company’s products have been adopted by hundreds of TV and cinema productions, and won TV Technology’s 2010 STAR Award, the 2010 Vidy Award, DV Magazine’s Award of Excellence, and Studio Daily’s 2012 Prime Award for Best User Interface/User Experience. The modular Cinedeck ZX directly addresses the market need for fast but cost-effective systems for broadcast and cinema production and post.

AJA provides its unique reliable and flexible technology to leading manufacturers and developer partners across the professional video industry for integration into their product lineups because of great product performance. • Video capture cards • Digital recording devices • Convertors,Frame synchronizers and Scalers • Video routers • Professional 4K cameras

The software-based solutions enable media organizations to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximizing the value of assets. Products are built on three distinct platforms that, when combined, form versatile business solutions that power end-to-end workflows for news, sports, program preparation, production, archive and radio. Individually, Dalet platforms and products offer targeted applications with key capabilities to address critical media workflow functions such as ingest, QC, edit, transcode and multiplatform distribution.

We deliver a broad range of products and services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business.

We source many other Broadcast related equipment e.g. Panasonic, Vinten Tripods, Anton Bauer batteries, Fujinon lenses, Manfrotto, tripods, Datavideo switchers etc. 

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Foam Conversion own in-house tooling facilities, that enable the production of bespoke tooling to suit a wide variety of product sizes, shapes and 3D surfaces. The in-house tooling capability allows us to produce tooling to suit our customer's requirements, whether that be for one-off trials, prototypes, short runs or full production on a call-off basis. We have expertise in manufacturing specialist audio foam parts from miniature windshields/windscreens for headsets and microphones (on the scale of 10mm) up through to large microphone mufflers (on the scale of 500mm) used for sound level meters and broadcast equipment.

Torque Video Systems, inventive digital television networks and video transmission solutions provider, is providing broadcast transmission quality monitoring to the historic FIFA World Cup 2018 via its DVMon. Monitoring broadcast traffic between Russia and Asia, the DVMon presents operators with immediate visibility of vital QoS and QoE issues – any alerts triggered allow operators to promptly examine and resolve them. The DVMon offers a wide range of connectivity options including IP, ASI, QAM, DVB-S/S2, and DVB-T/T2. The clean and easy web based GUI converts obscure technical measurements to a clear visual indication of service quality. Torque Video Systems specializes in the management of broadcast quality of service, providing cost-effective Test, Measurement and Monitoring solutions and versatile applications, enabling operators worldwide to monitor their network operations, gain insights into viewer experience and reduce operating expenses.

SGO have been leading high-end software solutions within the post-production market for over twenty-two years. With a truly global reach, SGO are proud of their Spanish heritage and embrace a pioneering spirit in all they do. As a company, SGO are passionate about creating and developing beautiful technology that makes a real difference to our clients’ businesses and outputs. Giving them the tools they require to create inspiring content and shape change within their industry.