Virtualized Playout Platform

StreamMaster™ is a fully integrated, software defined virtualized playout platform for IP workflows and complex TV channels. Running on COTS hardware on your premises, in a datacenter or in the public cloud, StreamMaster™ delivers real-time master control, real-time graphics and DVE through to a content delivery network.
This software-defined system is format agnostic, scalable and flexible, which enables cost saving & new pricing models, including pay-as-you-go for pop-up channels. StreamMaster™ is perfectly suited to premium channels, IP workflows, pop-up / event channels, or cost-effective disaster recovery,business continuity, for all your channels.
Virtualized playout on dedicated hardware, in a datacenter or in the cloud
Cost effective solution for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery applications
Built in IP encoder with full graphics and master control capability
Software defined format agnostic, scalable & flexible
New pricing models including Pay-As-You-Go for event or pop-up channels
Clarity™ Graphics & Master Control built in
Open API for automation control with all major automation brands
Frame rate, frame size and codec agnostic


StreamMaster™ implements the functionality, graphics capability and image quality of the Pixel Power master control, Clarity™ graphics and integrated playout systems in software running on commodity hardware.
Designed to support virtualization – a channel without a box – StreamMaster™ can also be supplied with an optional SDI I/O to support hybrid and transitional environments. Providing seamless integration from today’s environment to the IP world means that your investment is truly future-proof.

This software platform is designed to support new functionality, formats and codecs as they become available, taking you from HD to UHD and beyond. StreamMaster™ is compatible with third party automation providers, so there is no need to change workflow or operational practice, maintaining simplicity and without locking you in.

With StreamMaster™ all your channels, whether VOD, OTT, IP or multi-screen can have exactly the same brand sophistication as linear channels.


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