Government Solution

Communication, both internally and externally is the key to running any department smoothly. With the reduction of costs for professional broadcast equipment you now have access to the tools that enable you to deliver your communications via internet and provide live feeds and packaged material to the outside world. Informing the public of the work you are doing creates by-in and encourages participation, the use of social media clips highlighting efforts being made and showcasing success stories generates positive feedback.

For internal communications you can save on the time and resources required to get key people to a single location to share important information. These internal messages can be communicated live via a secure cloud platform or even interactively via video conferencing.

ZBS also provide solutions for boardrooms and conference facilities; from a system with a small screen to an auditorium with full AV and delegate systems.

At Zimele Broadcasting Soutions, we will assist in finding the right solution to fit your budget and achieve your communication objectives.

Products Used