In this series we will be discussing how to choose the best support for your camera, be it a tripod, dolly, Pedestal, Jib, crane or even robotics, PTZ or VR.

Using robotic cameras can reduce your shoot costs by eliminating additional camera operators and giving control of multiple cameras to one person. You can have one individual controlling the cameras and a vision controller cutting your show or even, if your production is scripted have one person controlling cameras and vision working of a que sheet.

There are several items that make up a working robotic camera system;

  • Lens – Your camera may have a fixed lens or an interchangeable one, either way you need to be able to control the iris, zoom and focus remotely
  • Camera – You can select many types of camera but the need to be able to control a lens and be controllable
  • PTZ Head – When selecting a PTZ or remote camera solution you can either buy a complete unit that includes the head, camera and lens or you can buy a PTZ head that will support a camera of your choice.

Fully integrated PTZ heads (image Panasonic)

PTZ head and camera combinations for cameras up to 9kg (image Rushworks)

Alternatively, you can use a separate hardware PTZ controller and use a separate video switcher.

There are many of different options available for each of the building blocks of a PTZ/robotic production system. The key is to ensure that your control system can get the most out of your cameras, so your creativity is not restricted.

Not only can you have the 3 PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) axis, there are options available to robotically control height, tracks, and even fully robotic pedestals.

If you are looking for a solution that best meets your production needs and your budget talk to ZBS.

PTZ head for cameraslens combinations up to 60kg (image Shotoku)

Switchercontrol system. There are numerous switcher/PTZ combinations available where you can control your PTZ head directly from the switcher software or hardware control panel. Using a MULTI-CAMERA PTZ & PTX PRODUCTION SYSTEMS or a Blackmagic Atem switcher with your robotic cameras gives you a complete compact solution that is quick to setup and requires only one person to do your complete multi-camera production.

Blackmagic Atem to PTX (Micro Studio 4K cameras)

Computer Based Production System (image Rushworks)

In this series, we aim to assist you in getting the best setup for your specific application and help you in deciding what options will best suit your current and future production needs.

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