Education is changing constantly along with the advance of new technology.

Students are now dependent on devices, connecting to the internet via wireless connections to download course content or research. Live, streamed tutorials and cloud-based resources are becoming standardised and lecture theatres are now required to advance their tech in line with their students’ expectations.

The ability to broadcast and stream educational content via the internet directly to smart devices and have this content available online, reduces the cost of facilities and gives access to remote students who don’t have the resources for full time education.

Lecturers and teachers can prepare course material once and update it periodically to keep it relevant, thus freeing them up to assist students online.

Open universities and distance learning centres are already using these technologies with great success. Schools are offering additional material for students online, giving them alternative resources to increase their understanding.

Involving parents and the community in sports extramural events by streaming live grows the community and can generate additional revenue through sponsorship.

At Zimele Broadcasting Services, we can assist any educational institution in building and growing their media facilities to match their budget.

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Education broadcast solution diagram