At Zimele Broadcasting Services we can assist any news operation in building the correct solution to speed up production, serve your additional platforms and reduce your staff requirements.

News is evolving. Even though speed remains a primary success factor in news production, the always-increasing number of media platforms as well as the growing need to engage audiences on a deeper and more personal level are shifting NRCS requirements.

To deliver compelling stories, production teams need to leverage large amounts of archived, professionally gathered and user-generated content.

Efficient tools to browse and search source material, write scripts and prepare rundowns in a collaborative and fully integrated workflow are necessary to ensure fast content creation and delivery.

Whether on TV, VoD or on platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, audiences expect content to be available when and wherever they want it. As demonstrated in recent studies, the multiplication of devices results in an increase in audience share, which brings broadcasters and content owners new opportunities to build advertising revenue while delivering a richer audience experience. Multi-screen usage is even of more important for audiences looking for timely and detailed information such as news.

Co-ordinating a live studio with outside links, packaged content and graphics is what makes a successful news studio. Having the right content available quickly is imperative and this is done by centralising material and control with a versatile Media Asset Management platform linking everything, accelerating time-to-air and minimising on-air errors. Collaboration needs to span across the entire workflow: from planning through scripting, production all the way through broadcast and distribution.

A rundown of your production with all the broadcast elements available centrally gives you the ability to make changes on the fly and adapt to the ever-changing news environment, allowing you to cut to breaking stories effortlessly.

News is no longer a single channel. Social media, websites and OTT material needs to be re-packaged to get more content to more platforms in a shorter time with the same resources, while ensuring that content remains consistent across delivery devices. To succeed in making this strategic shift, broadcasters and content owners need to rely on effective workflows that eliminate steps by automating as much of the process as possible.

News broadcast solution diagram


The market for sports broadcasting and content is growing and becoming a key source of live content for global broadcasters.

Zimele Broadcasting Solutions offers a solution for all your sports production needs, from Large OB- vans to Multi-Cam Robotic Production Systems.

Sports broadcast solution diagram