AJA Hi5-Fiber Converter

3G-SDI over Fiber to HDMI Video and Audio Converter

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Hi5-Fiber converts 3G-SDI over single mode 1310 nm Fiber optic cable (ST-style Fiber connector) to HDMI for driving HDMI monitors. Embedded 8-channel 3G-SDI audio is supported in the HDMI output allowing a convenient single cable audio/video connection. Hi5-Fiber provides 2-Channel RCA style audio outputs for separate audio monitoring if needed.


  • Fiber optic 3G-SDI to HDMI
  • Supports single mode 1310 nm fiber optic cable with ST receiver
  • Full HDMI support including embedded audio
  • Additional 2-Channel RCA jack audio output
  • No configuration necessary
  • 1m HDMI cable included
  • five year warranty

Universal Power Supply

Compact and Portable




AJA has an extensive range of solutions for the professional video and audio market, from conversion devices to I/O solutions, digital recorders, cameras and more.

AJA’s engineering has consistently supported advancements in broadcast technologies as well as format standards to provide video professionals with future-proof workflow solutions. From the FS family of frame synchronizers, frame rate and format converters, to the powerful TruZoomTM for real time scaling of 4K footage, broadcasters are increasingly relying on AJA gear to simplify the way image files are captured, converted, monitored and distributed.

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Hi5-Fiber Spec Sheet

Hi5-Fiber Spec Sheet


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