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ez-DSK allows easy application of subtitles, images, sequences, videos, and widgets over your video program.
Connect the ez-DSK to your PC (Windows OS) through USB 3.0 and send all your graphics created with our dedicated CG software “ez-CGER.”

Key features of ez-DSK
Features that ez-DSK has are what power this CG generator. The ez-DSK gives you Zero Delay through its internal Fill & Key overlay application. It also has a Fail Safe mechanism to prevent catastrophic broadcasting disasters. At the same time, your video signals will be re-clocked with ez-DSK.

Fail Safe
Feel safe with ez-DSK’s Fail Safe. Even when powered off, your broadcasting will continue (1 SDI output port), so do not worry about it malfunctioning during your live show.
Zero Delay
The ez-DSK overlays the CG over your video stream by internally processing the Key & Fill. It gives you Zero Delay to your broadcasting. On top of that, there is no need to spend an extra port of your switcher.
Distributor and Converter
There are 4 SDI output ports, 1 HDMI output port, and 1 SDI loop out port. You can add multiple monitors to the ez-DSK without the need of a distributor. (Or a SDI to HDMI converter for that matter).
Complimentary CG software
All Lumantek CG products come with their dedicated CG software, the “ez-CGER.” This software has an easy user interface to learn. You will be a pro in no time.

Apply details to your CG
It is not easy to insert CG to your video unless of course you are a professional in the field using often expensive and sophisticated applications. ez-DSK and ez-CGER (the software) will make you able to apply details into your video easily. The user interface of the ez-CGER has the most commonly used program interfaces, and you will be able to learn its functions quite quickly. Unique function of ez-DSK is that you do not need Fill & Key as conventional CG devices. All you need is a PC with USB 3.0, and you video in SDI format.

*System requirements must be met.



Lumantek designs, develops and markets complex electronic test & measurement instruments, broadcast transmission and digital media convergence systems geared toward the specialized needs of Digital & Mobile TV, IPTV, Radio; along with Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasting. Lumantek designs their own modulations to ensure superior quality and maximizing value while minimizing unnecessary cost.
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