Lumantek ez-MD+ HDMI/SDI Cross Converter with Audio Mux/Demux

HDMI/SDI Cross Converter with Audio Mux/Demux

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HDMI/SDI Cross-Converter
LUMANTEK’s ez-MD+ is a compact cross-converter for HDMI to SDI or SDI to HDMI. The genlock system allows synchronizing of signals to combine unpaired output signals. It supports XLR balanced audio support with audio delay controller.

HDMI and SDI Cross-Converting
LUMANTEK’s ez-MD+ is a compact Cross-Converter for HDMI to SDI or SDI to HDMI.
Up / Down Scaling and Screen Ratio Control
ez-MD+ can change the resolution of the incoming video to any resolution ranging from 480i to 1080p60. You can also change the video displaying ratio. You can choose from either 16:9 (Full) or 4:3 (Pillar Box) screen ratio to fit your requirement. All these functions are controlled by ‘dip switch’
Audio embedding/De-embedding with external XLR Audio
9 pin serial port to XLR * 4 is complimentary.
Audio Delay control
Use the rotary switch to control the audio delay of the video source (50ms Step).
Frame Synchronization
There is a “Free Running”, “Input Lock”, and “Genlock” mode to synchronize your video signal. Genlock system ensures proper synchronizing of the signals when aligning the source with external signal.





Lumantek designs, develops and markets complex electronic test & measurement instruments, broadcast transmission and digital media convergence systems geared toward the specialized needs of Digital & Mobile TV, IPTV, Radio; along with Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasting. Lumantek designs their own modulations to ensure superior quality and maximizing value while minimizing unnecessary cost.
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