Today, radio channels operate in a multi-platform world. While all the traditional tasks surrounding audio programming for music and news stations such as ingest, audio recording, editing, scripting, scheduling, on-air broadcasting and logging still require careful attention, new challenges and opportunities must be addressed as well.

Whether it’s multichannel web delivery, streaming, satellite, on-demand audio, or social networks delivery, radio managers need a solution that can scale up and branch out to include the latest technologies and delivery platforms.

Many radio studios now include video cameras which are turning Radio stations into live video productions which can add an additional level of complexity to the already busy managers and producer’s schedules.

Your studio also acts as your drawcard and needs to be visually engaging to create a positive environment for your on-air talent and guests. Having attractive, ergonomic and robust technical furniture creates a clean comfortable workspace and having logical cable access speeds up fault finding.

Zimele Broadcasting Solutions can assist with the planning, implementation and installation of your facility from concept to on-air.

Radio broadcast solution diagram