Zimele Broadcasting Services aims to make customer satisfaction our priority.

Zimele has attained superior knowledge and experience in all aspects of digital broadcasting and film production and we are able to provide tailor made solutions to our customers with value added services. Project management, colour calibration, system consulting and implementation, training and after sales support are just some of the services we offer.

Our vast knowledge of the broadcasting, IT and film industries means we have the know-how to ensure successful implementation, from small to large enterprise projects.

Project Management

Let us manage your project from start to finish.

At Zimele Broadcasting Services, we pride ourselves in the fact that our highly skilled tech-savvy project managers achieve the goals set out because of excellent planning and design. They take initiative by adopting and implementing plans and have perfect execution and construction of ideas. The monitoring and controlling of systems while endeavouring to bring about value-added change by optimizing resource management and allocation is a key component of any comprehensive project.

Production Workflow

Let us create a unique workflow solution for you

Zimele’s range of quality, fit-for-purpose products and our industry knowledge, enables us to create streamlined advanced workflow solutions to suite your needs.

With efficiency as a key measure, Zimele facilitates studio upgrades and OB Workflows using interchangeable hardware that supports many of the same workflows for a wide variety of production and post-production tasks.

System Consulting

Let our experts consult on your system design

We employ experienced professionals to consult and complete a system design project for optimum success.  Zimele is proud of its strategic alliances with leading suppliers, offering the highest quality broadcasting solutions second to none. These alliances also allow us to expand our support base for projects throughout Africa.

Our versatility sets us apart and we are confident that we can supply a solution for your requirements.

System Integration

Let us integrate your systems for increased productivity

Highly skilled technicians are used to build systems with the latest broadcasting technology. Paying special attention to detail and using their eclectic skill set, our teams can install and integrate systems as per required specifications, thus facilitating the smooth launch of your project. Our dependable, trained staff can assist clients in a reliable and knowledgeable way while ensuring proper time management.

Training & Support

Let us support your business

To enhance your understanding of the products we supply, Zimele provides support in system configuration and installation of hard and software. Our experts will walk you through and train you on the different aspects of the user interface or are there just to answer any queries you might have.


Colour Calibration consultations

Zimele Broadcasting Services provides specialised monitor colour calibration for the production, post-production and broadcast industries.

Our Service:

A Zimele consultant will calibrate your displays to ensure image accuracy and consistency at all levels thereby greatly improving your colour offering and display accuracy.

This service is perfect for both post-production monitors and on-set monitors.

Choose between a manual calibration and a full 17-point profile calibration.
Calibration depends on the age and type of monitor and can take anywhere from 1.5hrs to 4 hrs.
Monitor calibration should ideally be done every 6 months to ensure accuracy.
After calibration, Zimele will discuss the performance of your displays and will give you a verification report for your records.

Why choose Zimele Colour Calibration Services?

  • Trained, experienced colour calibration technicians
  • Offering manual calibration (blacks and whites) or a full 17-point profile calibration
  • We use the best probes in the industry, guaranteeing results
  • We use Light Illusion software, the world’s leading provider of colour management tools
  • Attain a Gamut range that’s 98-100% accurate
  • Receive a full primary and secondary colours profile on completion
  • Saves you time calibrating your own monitors
  • Offer your clients the best colour matching and display accuracy possible

When it comes to calibration, only the accuracy of the result matters and after calibration, you can rest assured your displays will be accurate and in line with advanced colour management standards.

Contact us to book your calibration or to find out more