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Houses of worship have long been a critical industry within the broadcast sector. However, with new technology, there is a growing need to update processes and engage with followers in different ways.

Zimele Broadcasting Services provides Houses of worship with new opportunities for ‘spreading the word’ much more effectively.

At Zimele, we understand that with advancements in technology and social media, congregations no longer only occupy physical seats for services – the congregation can exist wherever there’s a screen.

Broadcasting for houses of worship is becoming an increasing necessity to keep members entertained and coming back to receive the message of the Lord. However, there’s also the need to maintain the close, personal connection of the congregation in all aspects of a broadcast.

Zimele offers a full broadcast solution service. From cameras, lighting, communications and production to post-production, playout and streaming.

Let us help you spread the word. Contact us to help you deliver your message in a cost effective, manageable way.

House of Worship broadcast solutions – process & installation diagram